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Japan will take highly educated workers from all over the globe


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Japan has entered the race to take in immigrants. Japan, the world’s third-largest economy, is changing its immigration laws to attract graduates of the world’s top universities and high-income earners-news from Economic Times.

Japan is introducing two new visas to attract highly skilled and qualified individuals-the Japan System for Special Highly Skilled Professionals (J-SKIP) and the Japan System for Future Creation Individual Visa (J-FIND).

Foreign researchers and engineers with an annual income of $148,000, a post-graduate degree, and more than ten years of experience can apply for this visa.

The Japanese government also said it would make it easier for young people with great potential to come to Japan.

Japan will allow long-term stays for graduates of the world’s top universities through the J-Find visa. At this time, they can look for jobs in that country. Even their family members can stay in Japan.

Talented students who have graduated from Japan’s top 100 universities in the world within the last five years and bring $1,480 to Japan will receive this visa. With this visa, they can stay in Japan for up to two years. You can find a job.

In this case, the Japanese government will use several rankings—QS Top Universities, The Times Higher Education World University Rankings, and Shanghai’s Xiao Tong University Rankings.

Currently, graduates are offered short-term placements in Japan. In this case, they can stay in Japan for up to 90 days. However, J-Fi can extend the visa to two years.

Parks, Engineers, and Stage Managers – These categories of people can apply for a J-Scope visa. The organization of this new visa allows the people of the comfortable class to meet only the conditions of income and reduction.

In the current system, the preferential e-payment treatment system is mentioned in favor of when someone gets 70 marks. Now I am evaluated on academic merit alone, research, and panjibal.

Who qualifies to stay in Japan as first-level students can work in Japan for five years. After three years of work, if you pass the second level, you can stay in Japan indefinitely. Then you will have no obstacles.

Civilians and engineers must have a minimum master’s degree. Annual income will be a minimum of 49 thousand 166 dollars from 1st. Based on votes, OR 10 years of working experience and yearly income should be higher.

They are beginning to introduce historically conservative positions on immigration policy. Earlier in the news agency Yaters Package Song, the government set a target of 45 years of efficient energy by 3 in 20 years. But every 3,000-strong group that started the pandemic. The country was also shut down without interruption due to this covid-19.

By the end of 2020, Japan’s total number of foreign workers was 1.72 million against a local population of 1.25 billion, only 2.5 percent of the working population.

Meanwhile, according to an agreement between Bangladesh and Japan in 2019, sending 350,000 skilled workers to Japan has recently started. Among them, 2 thousand 740 people have been sent. Forty-two training centers are working on everything from teaching Japanese to upskilling staff.

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